Augmented Retail Experiences
Immersive capabilities enhancing customer engagement
Utilizing Kodi Collective, we implemented a 360 Virtual Showroom Experience to use in our catalog which allowed us to provide customers with an interactive digital experience in an offline channel. While beneficial to all customers, this was a great tactic for those that aren’t close to a showroom, allowing them to virtually explore Lovesac themselves. Kodi Collective made the process seamless and provided valuable recommendations along the way to bring this opportunity to life.
- Laura Simpson, Lovesac Direct Marketing Manager
Understanding the obstacles
Lovesac is a modern furniture retailer with a history of evolution, offering adaptable comfort to their customers in every shape and size. Lovesac needed a partner who could elevate their showrooms and engage their potential customers in an accessible and palpable manner, keeping within budget and delivering comprehensive results for their digital traffic.
We’ll take it from here
Originally partnering with Kodi for our printing capabilities, Lovesac wanted to engage customers in a new and exciting way. We proposed an interactive experience through the use of virtual showrooms where users could interact with products in three dimensions of size and color, learning about product features through clickable side menus. To better position them in an online environment, Kodi set up Lovesac’s showroom, shoppable hotspots, QR code links from printed media, and the tools to translate offline interaction into digital engagement.
Creating success
Kodi’s extensive experience in print production and visual communication helped Lovesac an omnichannel experience for their consumers, building a bridge from  physical impressions to digital touchpoints. Collaborating with Kodi helps empower brands to enhance the impact of their printed materials and product visualization, resulting in a smoother and more effective experience for their customers.
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