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Full-Service Solutions Generate $1 Million in ROI during Off-Peak Season
Understanding the obstacles
With commitment to quality and elevated living, Wine Enthusiast is a subscription-based print publication that addresses a special interest market of affluent wine and food lovers. Wine Enthusiast needed a full-service provider to efficiently print and ship their catalog and magazine to newsstands, while protecting the integrity of their brand.
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From premedia, retouching and advertising support to print production and distribution capabilities, Wine Enthusiast chose Kodi’s one-stop-shop service model to deliver quality that inspires customers, so that they can grow advertising and subscriptions. There’s no need for multiple vendors when working with our collective, and with our postal optimization services, Kodi can not only provide quality services to get content to publication, but also postal savings. There are a select few printers that can offer medium-to-long run catalog capabilities with short-run magazine special interest and personalized printing needs. We’re one of the only companies that can execute this in-house.   Kodi's recent collaboration with Wine Enthusiast involved a targeted three-month direct mail campaign aimed to increase their ecommerce sales during the summer's off-peak wine season. By providing Kodi with a few direct mail designs and first-party IP addresses, Kodi successfully linked passive online visitors to their physical mailing addresses. As a result, our experts dispatched a personalized printed promotional piece directly to their door in as little as five days. Imagine browsing Wine Enthusiast’s website for wine fridges on a Monday, only to receive a postcard featuring the same fridge and an enticing promotional offer by the following Friday.
Creating success
With an initial investment of slightly over $50,000, Wine Enthusiast achieved an impressive $1 million return on investment within just three months of implementing their retargeted direct mail campaign. This substantial boost in sales came during their off-peak season, marking a remarkable success for this e-commerce, specialty interest publisher.  For more than a decade, Wine Enthusiast has placed their trust in us for their high-density requirements. Kodi consistently delivers a wide range of services with unwavering quality, so Wine Enthusiast can better focus their efforts on growing advertising and subscription efforts.
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