Digital Marketing & Trusted Expertise
Turnkey visual production to build an emerging brand
Kodi Collective makes everything easy. From the beginning, they have felt like an extension of our team - working through every detail and last-minute change with the utmost professionalism and dedication to getting it done. It certainly leaves a good impression on our team, and our talent.
- Britt Akens, Brand Director, Commando
Understanding the obstacles
Commando is a cutting-edge intimates and garments company, and an emerging brand in a highly competitive space. Their small freelance team and limited resources made it difficult to keep up with the work required to build a brand in today’s omnichannel world, so they searched for a focused partner to help streamline their marketing efforts in a big, yet cost-effective, way.
We’ll take it from here
Kodi Collective has the in-house expertise and creative resources to help Commando realize their vision. Kodi started first by jumping in on their quick-turn photography retouching needs and soon was producing all of their product photography and video for e-commerce product detail pages.
Creating success
The trusted partnerships we create with each one of our clients is what drives us to deliver the quality they need every step of the way. At Kodi Collective, we have the creative expertise and in-house capabilities to help bring your brand to life and guide you through all of its glorious iterations.


(On-model and Off-model)
Photo retouching
Color correction
Video production
E-commerce support
Digital asset management
Social content creation
You have a brand. You have marketing goals.
Your budgets are shrinking and your talent is stretched too thin.
We’ll take it from here.