Personalized Customer Experience
Organizing multiple data feeds to curate personalized print
Understanding the obstacles
One of the world's leading cruise lines needed a partner to help them personalize content that would convey their brand messaging to each guest sailing on their ships.
We’ll take it from here
Kodi Collective’s state-of-the-art technology, streamlined processes and printing capabilities have contributed to the success of this cruise line’s market differentiation. In addition to printing their catalogs annually, we print, personalize, package, and mail elements of each customer’s cruise experience.

Our dedicated development team builds channels of information into custom statements based on customer excursion choices. Using variable printing data and content consolidation, every piece of content that customers receive, from personalized cruise guides and luggage tags to itineraries and branded merchandise, is tailored to their chosen experience.
Creating success
Because we are able to take multiple data streams and develop a resource for sales, reservations, and other teams, the cruise line is able to provide customers with a competitive experience. Kodi employs its intelligent kitting and fulfillment, personalized print, and variable data printing services to help them elevate their brand in meaningful ways.


Personalized print
(variable data printing)
Branded merchandise
Brand boX
Photo specialty products
Value added services
You have a brand. You have marketing goals.
Your budgets are shrinking and your talent is stretched too thin.
We’ll take it from here.