Innovation in Manipulative Sourcing
Expert supply chain management fuels focus on curriculum
Our team at The Math Learning Center strives to focus on the quality of the curriculum - not warehousing and distribution. Kodi Collective helps make it easy for us to do what we do best by handling the heavy-lifting for us. We have been overjoyed with the speed of production, how quickly products get here, and how easy it is to work with the Kodi Collective team – they are pretty amazing.
- Ben Baucum, Materials Manager, The Math Learning Center
Understanding the obstacles
The Math Learning Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative math resources and curriculum to support educators and students. With a strong focus on curriculum development, they pride themselves on putting together top-notch curriculum kits that fuel a deep understanding and proficiency of elementary mathematics.

Much like other non-profits in the height of the COVID Pandemic, the Math Learning Center faced critical supply chain hurdles that threatened timely delivery of their curriculum kits. They needed custom manipulative teaching aids to be included in 1.4 million curriculum kits to meet the growing demand of educators who depended on them for elevated, at-home student learning.
We’ll take it from here
Kodi Collective has been a trusted partner of The Math Learning Center for years. We are one of the only partners who they trust to preassemble one of their proprietary educational kits outside of their own facilities. So, at a time when The Math Learning Center needed us the most, our expert team stepped up to the plate. With a critical need to ensure timely delivery of their kits, our educational experiences team leveraged our deep relationships within the education supply chain to swiftly procure and seamlessly deliver the right manipulatives that met The Math Learning Center’s needs.
Creating success
At Kodi Collective, we're the go-to specialists in project management and sourcing for educational publishers. Our partnership with The Math Learning Center not only demonstrates our expertise in navigating educational supply chains, but also our commitment to bringing visions to life. We are built to operate as an essential extension of your team, ensuring smooth implementation and timely delivery, no matter the hurdles we face.


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