60% Cost Reduction with Digital On-Demand Printing
Revolutionizing Print Distribution for a Leading Cable Company
Understanding the obstacles
A prominent broadcasting cable company, specializing in bundled cable and Wi-Fi services, sought to enhance their offerings to capture new customers. Their challenge? Quarterly production and distribution of collateral, promotional signage, and in-store point-of-sale materials across their extensive national retail stores and partner network. They faced obstacles such as limited regional customization, lengthy lead times, and excess inventory due to inaccurate forecasting.
We’ll take it from here
Enter Kodi Collective, the experts in digital print production. We introduced a dynamic solution that swiftly addressed their pain points. By leveraging our regional versioning capabilities and historical data insights, we produced smaller, on-demand print runs and predicted quantities needed by specific locations — cutting the time required for conventional printing and distribution in half.

To streamline ongoing needs, we developed a cutting-edge web-to-print procurement portal. Field stores and partners could effortlessly replenish additional quantities as per their quarterly demands. With Kodi’s agile digital print production, stockpiling materials and burdensome administration costs became a thing of the past. Replenishment requests received through the portal were promptly fulfilled within 48 hours, eliminating unnecessary delays.
Creating success
While certain document product costs saw an increase compared to traditional methods, the overall cost reduction was remarkable. By printing fewer items, accelerating delivery times, and eliminating carrying and administrative costs, our digital print program achieved an estimated 60% cost reduction in its inaugural year. Additionally, our strategic multi-production facility footprint enabled efficient shipping, catering to the company's nationwide requirements.


Web-to-print document procurement portal
On-demand printing
Large format & signage
Inventory management
Storage & fulfillment
Pick & pack
hybrid offset and digital printing
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Your budgets are shrinking and your talent is stretched too thin.
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